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SOLD Violin labelled "L N Vissenaire, Lyon . . .1880" ?



This lovely antique full-size French violin is labelled "L N Vissenaire, Lyon . . . 1880", but it is possible the label is ficticious despite the internal additional brands.

Good looking violin with a deep red varnish and Guarneri style ff holes. Tightly flamed two piece maple back.

Excellent tone for a violin in this price range, good projection and easy response across strings.

It has a new set-up with quality ebony fittings, a professionally cut bridge and Helicore strings.

Length of back 361mm.

This is a great sounding instrument suitable for college/academy students or the discerning amateur.

It is in good condition with only one restored crack to the front, not bassbar or soundpost.

Free brand new case. Free shipping within UK. Happy to ship world-wide.

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