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French? 1786



Illegible hand written label. Dendro dates 1781, 1786. Luigi Aloisio Marconcini, Ferrara? (thought to have died 1791)
LOB: 358mm (quite large for this period)
Gentle flame to two-piece back with tighter flame to ribs.
Neck replaced.
Scroll inferior wood and workmanship. later addition?
Widely spaced wonky ff holes - see left ff hole template.
Replacement wood to right ff hole.
Linings probably pine and let into C bouts?
Thin edges.
Fairly flat edgework.
One-piece lower rib with small pin mark.
Fairly flat arching through middle in front and back.
Back pinned with additional repair pins.
Small corner blocks, but very wide top block (replaced?)
Replacement bass bar?
Saddle replaced? wider than original?
Plenty of previous repairs (studded internally)
Small area of replacement wood upper bass side back.

Sounds wonderful!

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