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Over-varnished (original varnish can be seen under black light, also areas of "bare" wood). Replacement wood to eyes of scroll, altered? Pegbox cheeked/bushed. Neck graft. Button replaced and altered? No pins to back. (Pressenda only used pins after the completion of the making process). Distinctive fluting around oval shaped ff hole lower eye/wing. ("Here the pronounced fluting follows the curve of the outer wing and around the finial, forming a slight "eyebrow" above the upper circle" - David Rattray comment on Pressenda 1847). Long thin pegbox. Flat arching. Purfling poplar? Some replaced linings and top block. Repair inscription dated 1880. Dendro 1721, but not typically C18th Italian. 354/5mm. End of fingerboard numbered "4882"/"4992" (not Hill, "4000"s missing from Lewis, Hart & Son?) Wurlitzer have a Gagliano listed under "4992"! (Ferdinando? Gennaro? Ferdinando?). (Antonio Guad? Ceruti? - both mentioned in Dendro). D'Espine? Labelled Joseph Guanerius.

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