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French Violin by Jules Grandjon C19th
  • French Violin by Jules Grandjon C19th

    Splendid French violin by Jules Grandjon - no label.


    Excellent condition, no soundpost or bass bar cracks.


    Fine grain to the front widening to the edges.


    Very fine flame to the two-piece maple back.


    Plentiful original varnish of an amber with touches of red.


    Neck graft.


    Newly set-up with rosewood and ebony fittings, a new professionally cut bridge and Evah Pirazzi strings.


    LOB: 360mm


    Suitable for a professional player.  Powerful, yet rich tone - more to come.  Easy response.  Even across strings.  A pleasure to play.


    GRANDJON, Jules Joseph Born 1824 Mirecourt France. Son of Prosper Gérard Grandjon, below. Worked in Paris, Boulevard Sébastopol and later in Amsterdam, succeeding to the business of his brother L. Grandjon 1847-1852. Subsequently established a successful factory in Mirecourt c.1850. Medals at Paris and London Exhibitions. Specialised in decorated and eccentric models as well as conventional classical designs, but usually of large form. Strong red varnish. Breveté J. Grandjon à Paris J.G. / S.G.D.G. Fabrique de Mirecourt (Vosges) / 103 Boulevard Sébastopol et Rue Réaumur 74

    SKU: NCV260
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