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School of Betts Violin, London c1810
  • School of Betts Violin, London c1810

    Small English violin c1810 School of Betts.

    Length of back only 355mm, but neck length (original neck/head), elevation etc are all in proportion.

    Wonderful condition, just a small piece of wood missing from a corner on the back. No cracks or other restorations.

    Based on a flat Strad model, front grain varies from tight on the right hand side to quite wide on the left. (However, still a two piece front).

    Has plenty of original golden amber with touches of red.

    Glorious burr one-piece back with matching ribs, neck & head. Also has an interesting wax seal to button.

    Has "pips" to centre of scroll on right & left.

    One-piece bottom rib.

    Has a quality new set-up with old English boxwood pegs, other boxwood fittings with a professionally cut bridge.

    Glorious tone with particularly deep/almost viola like tone to the lower stings.


    Free case and shipping within UK.  Can be shipped elsewhere at cost.

    SKU: NCV215
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