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Violin by Nicolas Duclos c1760
  • Violin by Nicolas Duclos c1760

    Glorious rare museum quality violin made by Nicolas Duclos c1760 (French maker working in Barcelona).  It has a Hill Citation and dendro dates to 1755/1756 including matches to wood used by Jose Contreras.


    It is now available with a certificate of authenticity by John Dilworth dated December 2023.


    No major cracks, but some restored woodworm (patched internally).


    Medium wide grain to the front, with lovely tight flames to two piece maple back. Yellow varnish.


    Ribs appear to be set into back, and lower rib appears to be in one piece, although it has a line (painted?).


    Neck graft (possibly Hills). Ebony crown and peg holes bushed. Some overvarnish remains on pegbox.


    Narrow saddle.  Pin to front at saddle, later addition?


    Black of purfling bleeds into the white.


    LOB: 358mm.


    An absolutely fantastic violin to play, now professionally set-up with Passione strings.


    Nicolas Duclos


    With the easing of the Spanish guild accreditation in the last quarter of C18th, luthiers from the rest of Spain and abroad were able to set-up business in Barcelona/Madrid.  The most famous of these were the Italian Valenzano and the Frenchmen Duclos and Gand. 


    Nicolas Duclos from Mirecourt made various stringed instruments. Examples of his work can be found in the Museum of Music in Barcleona, including A Viola D’Amore, Cello and Violin.


    He first setup business in Barcelona in 1740, and later in Madrid 1760 where he remained until his death in 1781.  Some of his instruments were bought by the Royal Spanish Court (Charles IV), listed alongside other famous makers such as Strad/Guarnerius/Amati/Stainer.

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