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Violin labelled Andrea Fiorini 1912
  • Violin labelled Andrea Fiorini 1912

    Violin labelled "Andrea Fiorini Fecit-Anno1912" with a B&S,L stamp (Made for Beare's), most likely from the Reiger & Fiorini workshop.


    Excellent condition with a glorious red varnish on an amber background.


    Delightful one-piece back with an ebony crown.


    New set-up with ebony and rosewood fittings and a professionally cut bridge.  Pro Arte strings.


    LOB: 360mm


    This violin has a powerful tone with a clear/clean response.  Suitable for a professional player.




    Reiger and Fiorini were flourishing between circa 1889 to 1912 and a little beyond.  It was created by Giuseppe Fiorini, one of the great late nineteeenth century Italian makers, when he moved to Munich in Germany.  Andreas P Rieger, an extrememly fine maker in his own right, became his partner as well as his father-in-law.  Thus, the famous workshop of Rieger & Fiorini was created.

    SKU: NCV245
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