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SOLD Violin labelled Paul Lorange 1934
  • SOLD Violin labelled Paul Lorange 1934

    Quality French violin labelled "Paul Lorange Marseille 1934".


    Glorious one-piece back with distinctive flame.  Matching ribs.

    Blackened edges to scroll and rib joints.

    Deep red varnish throughout with some retouch.


    Excellent condition, just a minor repair to pegbox - no other damage.

    Quality set-up with rosewood and ebony fittings and a professionally cut bridge.


    Evah Pirazzi strings.

    LOB: 356mm.

    Strong, powerful sounding violin.  Easy and even response across strings, with plenty more to give.

    Free case.  Free shipping within UK.  Happy to ship worldwide.

    SKU: NCV234
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