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Violin by & labelled Thomas Earle Hesketh 1904
  • Violin by & labelled Thomas Earle Hesketh 1904

    Violin made by and labelled "Thomas Earle Hesketh Manchester Fecit 1904".  Also, in hand script "Copy Joseph Guarnerius . . . Owned by Adolfo Brodsky".


    Fabulous condition, practically mint - no cracks or other restorations.


    The most glorious deep red varnish on an amber background.  Looks particulary spectacular on the widely flamed two piece back.  Matching ribs.


    Quite flat arching.


    On the smaller size, length of back only 352mm, typical for this maker.


    A delight to play, easy response and even across strings.  Very comfortable to play.  Great depth of tone with more to give.


    Suitable for the professional player.


    (1866 – 1945)

    An apprentice of Georges Adolph Chanot in Manchester from 1885 to 1890, Thomas Earle Hesketh founded his own shop around 1891. Sometime before 1900 he acquired exemplary old materials of George Craske, who worked in briefly Manchester and had originally secured his wood stock from William Forster III. Hesketh's considerable output is well-crafted and mostly on classical Cremonese models, with some Maggini and Stainer copies and Brothers Amati violas.




    SKU: NCV252
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